PBS’s Finding Your Roots on Hiatus Following Affleck Controversy

Attached are two recent articles regarding the controversy surrounding Ben Affleck’s appearance on the PBS program Finding Your Roots.  The controversy has ultimately resulted in the entire PBS series being put “on hold” according to the network, while it reviews the program’s editorial standards.

The controversy erupted after documents obtained following the Sony email hack showed that portions of the program revealing that Affleck’s ancestors had owned slaves were edited out of the final program at his request.

PBS Pulls “Roots” Series Amid Affleck Controversy – Boston Globe 6/25/15

Hacked e-mail shows Affleck asked PBS to censor ancestry – Boston Globe – 4/19/15

One thought on “PBS’s Finding Your Roots on Hiatus Following Affleck Controversy

  1. Put very simply and efficiently, I feel strongly that all family history is, out of reality, incomplete, and all are edited. In my own experience, presently continuing work on twelve lines of my own family tree and that of my younger relatives, I am aware of “judiciously” leaving out negatives that destroy the pride and peace of those struggling for knowledge of how they came to be. Leaving out some truths is different than lying. All family history is just a partial representation of a myriad of facts. We are blessed with any we discover. It’s ok to edit. There is no way to discover and include all. I am constantly amazed at how differing are the perspectives of my own relatives from simple lack of knowledge and differing life experiences. The same set of facts are interepreted so differently! It’s like we witnessed different facts.

    As a former history teacher and lover of all history, one of my favorite expressions, which applies to daily life and conversations, as well as history and genealogy, and recognizing that five cousins could write five very differing subjective versions of their family history, “There are as many histories as there are historians.” Alex deTocqueville

    Keep Calm & Research on, Christine Harper, Belchertown, MA


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