Introduction to the Polish People

Presented by Elms College and The Polish Center of Discovery and Learning

During the spring of 2020, Elms College is partnering with the Polish Center Center of Discovery and Learning to offer this course. The goal is to provide participants with an overview of Polish History and culture, drawing on the galleries, special exhibits and archives of the Polish Center. Students will be introduced to major art, cultural, faith, literary and architectural traditions of the Polish people in both Poland and America.

The Polish Center is a unique museum and educational resource center originally established at Elms College in 1999. It is now located at 33 South Street. This exceptional facility acts as a “living monument”, safeguarding historical objects representative of the culture of the Polish people before 1950. The Center also aspires to assist individuals in locating essential information for research projects.

For further information regarding this course, please call the Division of Social Sciences at Elms College – 413-265-2323. The course is offered for credit or non-credit and is open to the general public.

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