2020 webinar brochure.

All of FamilyTree’s live webinars are FREE and their recordings are free to watch for the first 7 days with a free membership.

With a paid webinar membership ($49.95 per year) you get access to these additional benefits:
1) all the existing 1,128 classes in the library (1,377 hours of quality genealogy education), and all 4,657 pages of instructors’ handouts plus the new handouts of the 2020 season.  Playlist, resume watching, and jump-to features.

2) plus the 100 webinars that will be added during the 2020 season,

3) plus any additional bonus subscribers-only webinars (hundreds of these so far),

4) plus the TechZone and other benefits, available for the duration of your membership.
Check out the 2020 webinar list at the following link.

FamilyTree Webinars brochure 2020

Interested in registering for individual free live webinars?  Click here:

If you are interested in a paid webinar membership, here’s the link:

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