Articles of Interest

Couple was torn apart as teens, reunite after 53 years and find long-lost daughter

WVIT CBS 8 – Knoxville, TN – 15 Feb 2021

DNA Test Reveals a Father – and a Family – 4 Feb 2021

Black Families using DNA, genealogy to fill in historical gaps left by slavery

USA Today – 19 Feb 2021

‘We Found Our Missing Piece’ – Long-lost South Bay Sisters United with Genetic Testing

San Jose Inside – 22 Feb 2021

Adopted Twins Find One Another Only Seven Blocks Away

The Herald Bulletin, Anderson, IN – 26 Feb 2021

Recent Articles of Interest

Tracing Pilgrim Roots Gets Easier – Wicked Local – 28 Nov 2020

Abandoned in a car 83 years ago, “Billy Sunshine” finally finds his roots – Portland Press Herald – 20 Dec 2020

Roots :  Lost…and Found! – Canada’s History – 12 Nov 2020

An Extraordinary Year of Milestones in DNA Testing – Psychology Today – 7 Dec 2020

We Are Family:  Adopted Maui woman discovered 8 siblings through 23andMe – Maui Now – 25 Dec 2020

Last Known Widow of a Civil War Veteran dies at 101 in Missouri – People – 5 Jan 2021

The Search for an Uncle lost to a Pandemic Past – Tampa Bay Times – 14 Jan 2021



Recent Articles of Interest

Why are Americans Obsessed with Genealogy? – 13 Oct 2020 – Psychology Today

Out On a Limb:  1920 Census Raised Some Hackles – 23 Oct 2020 – Wilkes-Barre Times Leader

The Secret Society that Left a Trail of Human Skeletons in it’s Wake – 26 Oct 2020 –

Two Sisters Took a DNA Test.  It Revealed That Everything They Knew About Their Family Was Wrong – 6 Nov 2020 – Good Housekeeping

What You Learned About the “First Thanksgiving” Isn’t True.  Here’s the Real Story – 24 Nov 2020 – Cape Cod Times

Long Lost Siblings Finally Meet – 26 November 2020 – Adirondack Daily Enterprise


Recent Articles of Interest

How a Toronto Woman Discovered She Has Up To 600 Half-Siblings – CBC Radio, 19 September 2020

Capturing Ellis Island’s Lost Period – Atlas Obscura, 18 September 2020

Curiosity, Anxiety Give Way to Elation When Woman Finds Her Biological Mother – The Philadelphia Inquirer, 4 October 2020

Neanderthal Gene Variant Linked To Higher Risk of Developing Severe COVID-19 – Medical/Life Sciences News, 30 September 2020

Recent Stories of Interest

Headlines Told of a Baby Found Near Baltimore’s Penn Station.  New DNA Tests Offer an Answer to the Mystery

There’s No Such Thing as Family Secrets in the Age of 23andMe

The Uncertain Future of Places That Preserve America’s Past

A Palm Springs Man Was Separated from his Sister in 1946.  Here’s How They Finally Reconnected in 2020

Daughter Connects with Long Lost Father

Baby Jessica:  Infant Abandoned in a British Columbia Ditch Grows Up and Tracks Down Her Parents

Too Many Parents Don’t Share Their History with Curious Children, Readers Say:  “Why Didn’t They Tell Me More?”

“Its Lovely To Find Them.”  Offaly Siblings Find Long-Lost Relatives in New York

Separated for Decades, Long-Lost Connecticut and Massachusetts Siblings Reunited by Online DNA Testing

Vast Holocaust Database Goes Online


This Month’s Articles of Interest

DNA Testing for Beginners

Canada History – 16 January 2020

Charlie Baker Wants to Restrict Access to Birth, Death and Marriage Records – 31 January 2020

New England Historical Genealogical Society Statement in Opposition to MA Governor’s Budget Proposals Limiting Access to Public Records

American Ancestors – 13 February 2020

Concerns Raised about Gov’s Proposed Limits on Access to Vital Documents

Worcester Telegram – 15 February 2020

Modern Humans May Have More Neanderthal DNA Than Previously Thought

Smithsonian Magazine – 4 February 2020

December’s Articles of Interest

Two Families Shared A Harrowing History – one black, one white. Then they met.

The Washington Post – 23 Oct 2019

Police Were Cracking Cold Cases with a DNA Website. Then the Fine Print Changed.

NBC News – 23 Oct 2019

DNA Test Leads Man To Biological Parents He Thought Died 50 Years Ago – 1 Nov 2019

Abandoned Baby Finds His Family 74 Years Later

Texarkana Gazette – 31 Oct 2019

Woman Reunited With Vietnamese Mom Who Lost Her 44 Years Ago

NextShark – 8 Nov 2019

We’re Losing Generations of Family History Because We Don’t Share Our Stories

Good Housekeeping – 13 Nov 2019