Searching the Library of Congress Virtually

Searching the Library of Congress Virtually

8 May 2020

Mobile apps help us do all sorts of things. I personally love how apps help us to make our research portable. Think about what apps you use for genealogy. They may include library apps, productivity apps, and genealogy apps. They help us take our research with us as we navigate libraries and archives. They help us search online catalogs. They even help us find our way to the libraries and archives! Library of Congress has a great digital collection and it only makes sense that eventually it would be available to search via an app.

The new free LOC Collections app allows you to easily search the library’s vast digital collections wherever you are. The benefit of using the app over the website is that you can access collections and save your favorite items for future reference.

The new app is fairly easy to navigate. You can Search or Browse collections and View your favorites. That’s it. This app does not feature the entirety of the Library of Congress website, it includes only the Digital Collections (including Chronicling America, the Library of Congresses historical newspaper website. BUT it does not include all of Chronicling America’s features you would find on the website).

To get started, download the free app from your mobile device’s app store.

Click this link for more information: