Genealogy Class Description and Requirements

The Western Mass Roots Events team provides free genealogy classes for up to 12 students in libraries and other community facilities throughout Western Massachusetts.

Our standard course consists of five two-hour classes conducted weekly over a five week period. The classes cover basic genealogy research techniques,, the US Census, Ellis Island arrivals,, and citizenship and naturalization papers. Some of our classes can be provided as single two-hour sessions. The classes can be “hands on” with student participation, or can be delivered in lecture format. We can provide classes in the afternoon or during the evening.

If you would like the Western Mass Roots Team to conduct genealogy classes at your facility, the following is a list of our basic requirements:

  • A room with chairs/tables or desks for 8 – 12 students
  • Screen or light coloured blank wall for projecting class materials. The ability to darken the room is necessary for optimal viewing.
  • We can provide our own projector if one isn’t available.
  • WiFi – the class ideally includes student participation and exercises that require internet access.
    • If WiFi is unavailable the class can be delivered as a lecture, but a reliable (Verizon) cell signal is required for the instructor’s hotspot. The class cannot be conducted if the instructor does not have internet access.
  • Sufficient electrical outlets for the instructor and any students who are using their own laptops/tablets.
  • Adequate parking for students

Interested? If so, email or call Alan Horbal at 413-663-3842 to set up dates and times.